Keeper of the Light Counter Dota 2: Heroes, Items and Matchups

Keeper of the Light Dota 2 counter stats: All the Keeper of the Light info you could want with counter picks, heroes counter, item counter, matchups and more!

Strength: 18 + 2.3

Agility: 15 + 1.6

Intelligence: 23 + 3.2

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Below is a list of heroes weaker and stronger than Keeper of the Light.

Keeper of the Light is Strong Against

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List of items to counter Keeper of the Light

Find Tips To Counter Keeper of the Light ?


  • Strong presence throughout teamfights.
  • Not reliant on specific items.
  • High pace of base movement.
  • Good pusher with a distinct, powerful wave.
  • Able to replenish team mana.


  • Reliant on colleagues.
  • Brittle.
  • Unreliable output of harm.

Keeper of the Light Matchups

Keeper of the Light Vs…

Win rate: 44.71%
Game: 31,089
Legion Commander
Legion Commander
Win rate: 44.92%
Game: 30,446
Win rate: 45.58%
Game: 15,289
Night Stalker
Night Stalker
Win rate: 46.49%
Game: 8,351
Nyx Assassin
Nyx Assassin
Win rate: 44.86%
Game: 16,022
Win rate: 47.84%
Game: 7,573
Monkey King
Monkey King
Win rate: 51.08%
Game: 16,003
Win rate: 50.92%
Game: 2,616

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